My Hero, My Charlie…by his Seeing Eye Person



Charlie IS my Hero

I retired in March 2013, and I adopted Charlie in June of that year. Charlie was picked up on the street in Mesa, AZ where he had been thrown out to die. Both eyes were punctured and had to be removed, his muzzle was wired closed, and at some time his front legs were taped or tied together so he couldn’t run. His head, neck and shoulders were covered in lacerations and bites. Maricopa County Care and Control took him in, fixed him up, and I adopted Charlie 5 weeks later from Ruby Ranch Rescue.

Charlie had been used as bait to train fighting dogs.

Charlie has been, IS, such an inspiration and support to me, that I felt motivated to share him in the hopes that he will encourage others who may be going through some difficult times in their lives, and be the inspiration he is to me every single day. For this reason, I have written 2 ‘Charlie’ books and Charlie and I are a  Therapy Dog Team registered through Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society). We currently volunteer in a Primary School reading program, with dementia patients through Premier Hospice, and visit with the 4-5 yr olds at Sun Kids Preschool for special needs, mostly Autistic, children.

We are now part of the Anti-Dog Fighting Campaign as Public Relations and Arizona Representatives. Charlie is a terrific Ambassador, and we work hard to educate and bring awareness of this heinous and atrocious abuse.

My boy amazes me every single day. His capacity and ability to love and forgive is beyond  my comprehension. I strive everyday to be the person Charlie is, not always with the greatest success. But I will always try…



10 thoughts on “My Hero, My Charlie…by his Seeing Eye Person

  1. Sherry Goodyear says:

    Thank you for saving him. I am so angry about dog fighting and abuse that my blood pressure goes up. Precious baby.


  2. Lori Murtagh says:

    I admire you and the work that you are doing especially in educating the young to understand how to treat animals. The bible states that those who harm Gods creatures shall not be forgiven and those that care for His creatures shall be blessed.


  3. Gina Wolflover says:

    I cannot imagine someone doing something so cruel to a dog-especially a pomeranian. It is so great that you guys are together and doing what you do. Plus, his rescue and rehab. God Bless you both. I wish you many more happy years together. Thank you for all the good you are doing with Charlie.


  4. You and Charlie are both so very special beyond belief! What beautiful souls you both are! Charlie is so lucky to have you as his angel and mom and it sounds like you feel the same about him!


  5. Tammy Howard says:

    Heart warming beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving Charlie from his horrible past. Thank you for the difference you make, for visiting the schools, educating the young the abuse animals often face. Thank you!

    A fellow Pom rescuer

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